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Sunday July 21st 2019


Your advice is a crucial component to improving the user experience of our telemedicine service. 
Your participation is greatly appreciated.   

We know that your time is valuable. With your help we can provide a better grade of service.  Please take a moment to understand how to participate in the Pre-Launch.

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This is your exclusive invitation to become a member of the Pre-Launch A-Team.

You will be experiencing our telemedicine service in advance of the general release to the public

You may experience some glitches and issues along the way. That's where you come in. As a member of the Pre-Launch A-Team. 

The following information explains how you can participate in this Pre-Launch testing process and what to expect in the process.

After you read the information on this page the please register yourself in the Pre-Launch A-Team by clicking the Orange Register Button at the bottom of this page.  

After you click the Orange Register Button  you will be taken to a simple registration page and provide your name and email address. 

Your registration will be processed (within 15 minutes) you'll receive a confirming email with a link to get exclusive access to the Pre-Launch A-Team VIP area.

Once you are in the VIP area the testing process will be explained within a matter of a few minutes.

We are doing this is in incremental steps so that you can be exposed to our telemedicine service as a first time user.

We are intentionally being a little bit vague about the details of the telemedicine service now.

By being a bit vague about our telemedicine service right now, we will be able to better understand how well our telemedicine website explains the telemedicine service to you when visit our telemedicine website.

We want to know your impressions of our telemedicine website, and then your experience  of having an online or telephone (telemedicine) doctor consultation.

Once you are inside the VIP area you will learn more about what's involved with the Pre-Launch testing that we are asking you to be a part of. 


We want to understand your specific "user experience" starting with navigating our telemedicine website, then enrolling in our telemedicine service from the website, all the way to having a doctor consultation online or by telephone (the telemedicine experience).  

stethoscope with cords twisted into the shape of a heart

You don't have to be sick to have a doctor consultation. You can use the doctor consultation to answer medical questions that you may have, or you can choose to have a diagnoses (similar to an in person doctor visit).  

You will find more specifics on the doctor consultation in the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) at the bottom of this page.

Having a doctor visit by phone or online may at first seem revolutionary, but once you experience our telemedicine service we believe you will find it to be as natural as using Uber or Lyft to get a taxi, not to mention how incredibly convenient and reliable it is to have a doctor visit by phone or video chat using your computer 24/7 without ever leaving home.

We need you to be blunt... share your experience with us. No sugar coating. We need to know what you liked and what you didn’t like.

After you have tested the telemedicine website and you have had your doctor consultation you should leave your comments about our telemedicine website and your doctor visit experience.

You will be able to provide your comments in the VIP area in the comments sections. Once you have been granted access to the VIP Area you can revisit it any time.

We hope that you will take the opportunity to make your comments in the comments section in the VIP area on anything that we missed, errors that you detected, and any suggestions for improvements.

There is no cost to participate, no credit card required  

 You can use your phone, tablet, or computer for your doctor consultation. As a matter of fact once you have enrolled in the telemedicine service we would like it if you used our telemedicine service more than once.  Once using your phone (no video) and and once with your computer (video) so we can understand your experiences with both. ​

Please note to do a video consultation you must use your laptop or desktop computer. Video consultations are not yet enabled on smart phones or tablets at this time. 

Everything will become much more clear as you follow the steps as outlined below.

We know we're asking a lot.

We need your feedback and advice

to make the experience better.

Here’s what we need you to do.

Step 1

Watch the introduction video located on the top of this page if you have not done so already.

Step 2

Please read the information provided on this page so that you know what to expect in the coming days

Step 3 

Please click on the Orange Register Button located at the bottom of this page.

Timely Reaction Requested

Once you have registered you will receive several emails. We need you to respond ASAP to our emails over the next few days.  There is a limited window of opportunity for testing. We must receive your feedback as quickly as possible so we can provide your input and comments to our deployment team in order to meet our go-live deadline.

This aspect is super critical to make sure we can include your feedback into the process before we launch the services to the general public.

Our Team Leads are
at the ready
to process your feedback

We are very keen on receiving your feedback.

Your feedback is very important to us.

We are grateful and look forward to receiving your advice.


Team Lead

I am looking forward to reviewing your feedback!

We have been working diligently to make our telemedicine service great and I know that with your feedback it will really help make it even better. 


Team Lead

We have gone through many iterations and have finally locked down this release. 

I know that we will continue to make improvements once we officially launch, but I am very interested in getting feedback from you so we can make some immediate improvements.


Team Lead

Well, I can tell you there has been some heavy lifting going on here for sometime now.  But we are ready to take the load.

We have done extensive testing and fixed many of the technical issues along the way. We have been in A+ functional mode for a while now, we are ready and very happy to now put it to the test. With your help we can get the feedback that we are all anxious to receive.

Here's what will happen once you are registered.

(Register by clicking the Orange Register Button at the very bottom of this page)

Here's where it gets exciting

Once you have clicked on the Orange Register Button, you will be taken to the registration page. Once your contact information has been processed you will receive a registration confirmation email from ateam@wudcprelaunch.com please be sure to check your spam (junk mail) folder if you see mail from ateam@wudcprelaunch.com.

This is the super cool part

After your confirmation email you will receive another email with a link that will give you access to the A-Team VIP Area (web page).  Within the VIP Area you will have access to specific instructions on how we would like you to evaluate our telemedicine website and telemedicine doctor consultations. This is also the place to make your comments, ask questions and see comments and questions from other A-Team participants.

This is the greatest part!  You provide feedback on your experience and get an invitation to become a Foundational Member.

Once you have reviewed the telemedicine website and experienced the telemedicine service (doctor consultations) and you have provided your feedback you can continue to use the telemedicine service free for 30 days.  You will also receive a special offer to become a paying member. As a thank you for participating in the Pre-Launch A-Team.  You can become a paying member at a very special price (you will be grandfathered -in) as a "Foundational Member" and your membership fee will never be increased as long as you remain a member. We will email you the details about this one time offer at the end of the testing. 

Great! Your almost ready to register

Please take a moment to read the FAQ's below and be on the look out for emails from ateam@wudcprelaunch.com.  Please check you spam folder and double check with the person that invited you to make sure they have your correct email address in the event that you don't see emails from ateam@wudcprelaunch.com.

Thank you for being part of our history.  We look forward to your participation and advice.


Ok, Let's review 

 We really appreciate your participation and value your advice.

We know that the success of any business is based on providing great service with an outstanding product.

With your help we are sure your advice will contribute to making it better.

Key Point 1

We really need you to respond quickly to our emails, try the service and provide

your advice and comments ASAP.

Key Point 2

We want to know what you really think, good, bad or anything...

We want you to describe your experience, and answer the survey questions when you receive them.

Please tell us what you love, what you don't and what is confusing, how best to explain it etc...

We need to hear it from you!

Key Point 3

We know we are asking a lot!

You have been invited to the Pre-Launch A-Team because you have a close and important relationship with the person who invited you.

That's why we feel comfortable asking you to go the extra mile and help us with your advice and insights.  That's the only way we can get better faster!

Your feedback matters!

Please follow the instructions so we can get the most out of your participation.  If anything is not clear or you need some additional guidance, please reach out to the person that invited you for assistance..

A few words about privacy and some FAQ's

The Orange Register Button is located on the very bottom of this page

Your contact information will not be shared or sold. 

Once the A-Team testing is completed we won't pest you with offers, or up-sells.

We will however, offer you the opportunity to become a Foundational Member.  You can decide to opt-out at any time and we will discontinue sending you any further emails. We  respect your privacy.

Frequently Asked Questions
Click the each title to reveal the answer

How much effort will this require from me?

Why is my participation important and why do I need to respond ASAP?

What if I'm not sick, what do I tell the doctor ?

What do I get for participating in the A-Team?

If I like the service can I continue my telemedicine membership?

Do you have a referral program?

The Orange Register Button is located on the very bottom of this page

Message from our CEO

Thank you for taking the time to participate in the Pre-Launch of what we believe will be great. Not just for the people in the company, but we truly believe in doing good and doing well.  It's time to create value and share it.  We're all about providing value. Your participation is vital and greatly appeciated.

Charles Hand

Charles Hand

Chief Executive Officer


I'll leave you with one of my favorite quotes.

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.”
― Benjamin Franklin

OK... It's time for you to register. 

Once you register,  you will receive a a confirmation email from ateam@wudcprelaunch.com

with a link to get access to the VIP area and further instructions.

If you don't see a email from ateam@wudcprelaunch.com in your email inbox, please check you spam folder.  

Thank you for your participation and taking part in this new and exciting way to have doctor visits.

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