About the
ISR Program


The new playbook

The ISR Program is a new playbook for marketing a more convenient, affordable and accessible way to manage your health, it’s called WhatsUpDocConnect. It’s one that prioritizes people over industry buzzwords like virtual care, telemedicine/telehealth and other fragmented descriptions. One that delivers experiences that are powered by warmth and competence… Starting with our care cordinators and concluding with the personal, private and convenient doctor consultation.

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Unlimited doctor care anytime anywhere

WhatsUpDocConnect is a membership, we don’t charge per visit! Members can have as many consultations as necessary, ask questions and get answers. Unlimited doctor care anytime anywhere for the cost of one low monthly membership fee for individuals, families, businesses and organizations.

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People over hype... making our members lives easier and better

Experiences that actually mean something, people over hype. WhatsUpDocConnect helps make the lives of our members easier and better.

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You no longer to have to leave the comfort of your home to be seen by a doctor

The ISR program helps reach more people to experience what its like to go to the doctor without having to go to the doctor. No travel, connecting with a doctor by phone or by video chat within a matter of minutes, not days, or weeks. By using your phone, tablet, or computer you can be see, have a diagnosis provided. Get a prescription or simply get answers to your specific questions.

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Do good and do well (financially)

Now you have the opportunity as an ISR to do good and do well earning monthly recurring commissions for for the lifetime of all paying members that have used your Redemption Code.

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A message from our Chief Executive Officer

Our members say... We're Netflix Easy and the Rideshare of Healthcare

WhatsUpDocConnect figured out how to deliver value to the uninsured and underinsured. In fact, even if you have a great healthcare plan, you can’t beat WhatsUpDocConnect for convenience, reliability and top notch doctors. In 2019 a health industry increasingly pressured to do more with less is taking lessons from emerging companies like WhatsUpDocConnect.

According to PwC* “52% of consumers with a high-deductible health plan say it would be hard to afford the deductible”  User satisfaction for telemedicine visits is high: one study reports that 78% of participants, after using telemedicine services, stated an interest in using the technology again. With WhatsUpDocConnect there’s no deductible or copay. It’s all included with your low cost monthly membership. *Price, Waterhouse, Coopers